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Australian Carers are here to work with you in finding you or those you care about the support you deserve. We ourselves have family members and loved ones with a disability and understand that no two people are the same.

Navigating the NDIS, complex health systems, and constantly feeling like you are always fighting for yourself or your loved one, can at times leave you feeling defeated, deflated and alone. Doing all of this while providing care, juggling employment and trying to maintain a social life can certainly be overwhelming. Australian Carers aims to collaborate with individuals and their family to create a support network acknowledging your needs and goals.

We all have different personalities, needs, circumstances and challenges, however, what we all share is the right to be supported. We all have the right to feel safe, to be respected and to be heard. Our goal is to provide the support we would want for our loved ones, for everyone.

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Our team is passionate about achieving client goals, engaging with the community and helping our clients develop the skills and confidence to feel and be more independent in their lives. Our Carers and Mentors have a diverse range of skills and strengths to assist you.

We understand that sometimes asking for help is hard. We are passionate and believe in what we do, we want to assist and support you, we will listen to you, and most of all, we will give you and your loved ones the support you truly deserve.

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