Has finding the right help been a challenge?

Living with a loved one who suffers from a disability is sheer hell! No-one who hasn’t been through it can ever understand the overwhelming frustration, guilt and loneliness you feel when whatever you do doesn’t help. When you give every ounce of your being to your loved one, all your time and energy, and nothing makes a difference. You lose sleep, walk around like a zombie, ask for help, but there isn’t anyone around who cares.
Australian Carers can help

The guilt and lack of sleep are what gets you in the end. Guilt because this shouldn’t be happening to your loved one, guilt because it goes on for days, weeks and years, guilt because you’re grateful it’s not happening to you, and guilt because you feel bad about thinking that way. The guilt and frustration is relentless. It’s not fair and it’s not your fault, but you are at the end of your tether with no way out.
The leadership team at Australian Carers know what you are going through, we have loved ones with disabilities and we can help !

When was the last time you slept all night?

You love the person in your life with the disability; and you do the absolute best you can for them. You have asked for help but nobody seems to care. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that caring for someone with a disability can be challenging (at the very least), so when there is a system available that is supposed to make your life easier, you want to make the most of that opportunity. We want to help you too, because we have been in your shoes!

If you can’t remember the last time you had a guilt-free soak in the tub, or a stress-free minute to yourself, then you need to let the  amazing support team at Australian Carers come in and give you a well-deserved break.

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