Ellie Grantham is the South Australian Operations manager for Australian Carers She has been involved with the NDIS since its inception in South Australia, having worked in Capacity Building, Plan Management and Core Support Provision
she holds a degree majoring in Public Policy with a focus on the NDIS Legislation and it’s interpretation

She is quite often called an NDIS “NERD”        and she is !

Every week she will release a series of videos, some general in nature, some answering specific questions that she has been asked

Together We Can Navigate Anything Including

Ellie unravels some of the NDIS jargon

Ellie explains the meaning of Core is Flexible

Ellie talks on NDIS Service Agreements

Ellie gives a short talk on NDIS Goals

Ellie talks on NDIS funding buckets

Ellie explains how plans are managed

Ellie talks about review of funding process


Follow up video on funding buckets

Updated Regularly

Miranda from Queensland had an eligibility Question

Ellie answers a question relating to Support Coordination

Jason from Bundaberg had a question about Level 2 Core Supports

Rebecca from the NT had a Support Coordinator question

Lawrence asked a question about his NDIS Plan Manager

Christine from southern Adelaide had a question about SIL in home

Jenny had a question surrounding vaccination of Support Workers

Ahmed from Sydney asked about Stated Supports

Despina asks does her income effect her NDIS funding

Robert from the Gold Coast asks about funding for a diagnosis

Clara from Maroochydore asked about lack of contact from her LAC


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