“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.”


Australian Carers is a company borne out of the urgent need to fill the gap made by NDIS provider agencies who are not customer-focused. Australian carers  uses the social model of disability not the outdated medical model as our ethos in service provision. Since the roll-out of the NDIS in 2013, the need for reliable and appropriately-trained Support Workers has boomed. Unfortunately, it has been many participants’ experience that there is a profound lack of skilled workers in this sector; particularly in regards to participants with high-needs disabilities. It is therefore Australian Carer’s mission to become the leading NDIS provider, trusted for consistent top-quality service and only employing best practice. Australian Carers have been named and listed by the NDIS on the COVID-19 response page as an approved provider of support workers. Every team member at Australian Carers, from management to the support workers, are trained and accredited to meet or exceed NDIS standards
Our Support Workers are caring, compassionate and matched to participant needs

Australian Carers is led by founding members who have many years combined managerial experience including governmental departments and agencies. As our services have grown we have been joined by many fantastic, knowledgeable and professional people such as Ellie Grantham who is our South Australian Manager, Lauren Ralph our Engagement Manager, Tina Mantoya and Jess Stephenson are part of our ever expanding Support Coordination team , we also have on board a highly qualified medical professional whose experience spans a broad range of medical fields from Acute Critical Care to Community Nursing. Support worker staff have ongoing professional training and full accreditation, specially chosen by Australian Carers for their dedication and passion. Most importantly, our team are employees with excellent benefits, and not subcontracted like so many other providers. This ensures a great work ethic from our staff, who in turn provide the best quality care and support for our most vulnerable citizens

Some Of Our Leadership Team

Reg Vitnell National Operations Manager


Sydney Corporate Office

Reg is our General Manager of Operations and Acquisitions, and one of our directors. He has many years of experience in client retention, customer service, mentoring staff, managing Participant-focused teams, and ensuring compliance with ASIC, ACC and other regulatory bodies. Leading the way for Australian Carers, Reg is front and centre in all aspects of Australian Carers, spearheading our expansion into all states across Australia.
He has a focus on quality ethical service provision
He is the driving factor behind Australian Carers recognition as a “go to” Support Worker Provider by the NDIS, and the backbone of our organisation

Australian Carers


Sydney Corporate Office

John is our liaison within multiple government departments, allowing us to ensure compliance with all corporate governance and taxation obligations. He has been a director for numerous companies across a span of many years and is tremendously experienced in working with all manner of state and federal legislation. John is predominantly responsible for ensuring we go above and beyond our legal responsibilities

Ellie Grantham Australian Carers State Operations Manager

Ellie Grantham

South Australian State Manager

Ellie Grantham has been involved with the NDIS since its inception in South Australia and completed her Bachelors degree on the legislative interpretation of the NDIS Act. Within Australian Carers, Ellie has extensive knowledge in Support Coordination, Capacity Building Supports, and Core Supports which she approaches with a passion for individualised service provision. Ellie is currently based in Adelaide, supporting our nationwide rollout, while also training Allied Health Providers on NDIS-specific report writing. Outside of Australian Carers, she is a proud mum to her two children, William and Millie.
She also presents the ” Ask Ellie Anything ” videos

Lauren Ralph Australian Carers Care Coordinator

Lauren R

Engagement Manager

Lauren is Australian Carers Engagement Manager  her role entails her visiting participants in their home initiating provision of supports, this is to ensure supports provided meet or exceed Participant expectations. Lauren as part of her role liaises with Government departments both State and Federal along with other Providers and Allied Health Professionals

Australian Carers

Deina J

Care Coordinator


Australian Carers Documentation and Administration Coordinator

Julie W

Documentation and Administration Coordinator

Julie is our Documentation and Administrative Coordinator, with a strong eye for detail, and a love for organisation and compliance. She has 14 years of experience in the fields of Client Service Management and Financial Planning, enjoying working within a friendly, helpful, and united team committed to providing the best support and outcomes for participants.


Rachel C

Staffing and Resources Coordinator

Coming Soon. 

Australian Carers Support Worker and resources allocation

Jas D

Staffing and Resources allocation

Jas is an Australian Carers Administration Officer, with numerous years of experience in both administration and IT; including a graduate degree in Information Technology. She has worked in universities, and both the Disability and aged care sectors. Jas takes pride in being Australian Carers first point of customer contact and providing clients with best possible service and outcomes.

Australian Carers

Arani S


Administration and Reception

Tina M

Adelaide Support Coordinator


Australian Carers

Deb G

Adelaide Support Coordinator


Tim Cooper Australian Carers Systems Engineer

Tim Cooper

Systems Engineer

Tim Cooper is Australian Carers’ in-house Systems Engineer. In this role, Tim is responsible for the development and management of the company’s tech infrastructure. He has exposure to broad sets of technologies with many years of experience designing and integrating computer systems. Tim developed a passion for programming from a young age and is fluent in many software languages, including TypeScript, Python and C#.

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