“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.”


Australian Carers is a company borne out of the urgent need to fill the gap made by NDIS provider agencies who are not customer-focused. Australian carers  uses the social model of disability not the outdated medical model as our ethos in service provision. Since the roll-out of the NDIS in 2013, the need for reliable and appropriately-trained Support Workers has boomed. Unfortunately, it has been many participants’ experience that there is a profound lack of skilled workers in this sector; particularly in regards to participants with high-needs disabilities. It is therefore Australian Carer’s mission to become the leading NDIS provider, trusted for consistent top-quality service and only employing best practice. Australian Carers have been named and listed by the NDIS on the COVID-19 response page as an approved provider of support workers. Every team member at Australian Carers, from management to the support workers, are trained and accredited to meet or exceed NDIS standards

Australian Carers is led by founding members who have many years combined managerial experience including governmental departments and agencies. As our services have grown we have been joined by many fantastic, knowledgeable and professional people such as Ellie Grantham who is our South Australian Manager, Erica Devitt is our lead Support coordinator, we also have on board a highly qualified medical professional whose experience spans a broad range of medical fields from Acute Critical Care to Community Nursing. Support worker staff have ongoing professional training and full accreditation, specially chosen by Australian Carers for their dedication and passion. Most importantly, our team are employees with excellent benefits, and not subcontracted like so many other providers. This ensures a great work ethic from our staff, who in turn provide the best quality care and support for our most vulnerable citizens

Our Leadership Team

Our General Manager of Operations and Acquisitions as well as being a Director of Australian Carers, has many years of experience  specialising in client retention and customer service, mentoring teams of staff specifically trained in customer satisfaction, managing customer focused specialist teams to meet and exceed client expectations and ensuring compliance with ASIC, ACCC and other regulatory bodies policies and regulations. Leads the way for Australian Carers, he is front and centre in all aspects of the day to day running of the company and spearheads the expansion of Australian Carers to all states of Australia

John has been a Director of numerous companies for many years. Liasing with multiple government departments, it is John’s responsibility to ensure businesses meet and comply with state and federal legislation. John is heavily involved with ensuring Australian Carers meets or exceeds it’s corporate governance and taxation obligations

Medical professional and masters graduate with over 18 years experience dealing with not only acute critical needs but also has vast experience in health management, coaching and guiding other medical professionals, health system management, advanced life support qualifications and more, including Community Nursing. Katherine is the head of Australian Carers on the ground care support provisions ensuring Australian Carers staff are appropriately trained and have the necessary experience to support Australian Carers participants

Ellie Grantham

Ellie Grantham, based in Adelaide is our South Australian State Manager Ellie has worked and been involved with the NDIS since its inception in South Australia she has a passion for individualised service provision and believes in the foundation of choice and control for all participants. Ellie also holds a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in public policy, which she completed surrounding legislative interpretation of the NDIS Act. she has been involved in numerous aspects of service provision including, plan management, support coordination and capacity building supports. Ellie is an integral part of Australian Carers expansion to all states of Australia  Outside of her role at Australian Carers Ellie is the proudest mum to her young son William.