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  • Tickle your taste buds

    Do you love to cook but find it’s not safe or practical any more? Are you fed up with the same thing day after day or resorting to take-out dinners as nobody has had the time to do the grocery shop? Having an Australian Carers companion to help you prepare and cook healthy, delicious meals will add some flavour back into your day.

  • Variety and the spice of life

    Australian Carers can cater for food intolerance and allergies, food likes and dislikes, healthy and nutritious eating and well planned meals to make you feel better and give you more energy.

  • Australian Carers can offer you:

    • In-home cooking service
    • Pre-made and delivered meals that are healthy and nutritious
    • Help with cooking and preparing your meals
    • Advice on nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating

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