Let us freshen up your day

  • I’m sure we had a clean one somewhere…

    Washing is another one of those overwhelmingly mundane tasks when you are busy or tired. We can take care of it all allowing you to be more organised ( so stop searching in that pile for a clean towel or underwear because you didn’t get time to do the laundry) Have more time to spend with your loved one instead.

  • Clean and simple

    We can either use your home washing facilities or pick it up from your home, wash it, dry it, iron it, fold it and then promptly deliver it straight back to you – clean and simple!

  • Australian Carers can offer you:

    • Pick-up, laundry & delivery service, or in-home service
    • Ironing service
    • Stain removal service
    • Special requests such as allergy free detergents
    • Blanket and doona service, providing a vacuum-sealed bag to keep them fresh over the summer months.

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